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How and Why to Root your Android: 15 Worthwhile Apps

Miscellaneous Apps

ShootMe (Free)

ShootMe lets you take screenshots of your Android screen right on your phone without needing a PC. You’d simply open the app, browse to the screen you want to get a shot of and shake the phone to take the screenshot. Then it puts the image on your SD card. Other options to capture the screen include audio (you shout into the microphone) or light (you block your phone’s light sensor). You can also specify to capture in PNG or Jpeg format.

Adfree Android (Free)

Adfree Android blocks most advertisements in the web browser and in other apps. It creates entries in the system hosts file to nullify requests to known host names of ad servers and websites. It usually doesn’t remove the AD space in apps, so you still might see a blank white space, but no ads should appear.

Webkey (Free)

Webkey lets you remotely control your Android from other computers/devices via the web browser. You can click around and see the screens just as you were using your phone. You can also: check GPS and network location, use a terminal emulator, export data, gain file access, and take screenshots. When directly connecting via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, SSL encryption is supported, too, If the mobile Internet doesn’t allow incoming connections to the phone, you can connect via their website.