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How and Why to Root your Android: 15 Worthwhile Apps

File Management Apps

Root Explorer ($3.90)

The Root Explorer file manager for lets you access the entire Android file system, including the exclusive data folder. Among the basic functionality (delete, rename, copy, etc), you can change permissions, change file owner and group, execute scripts, create and/or extract zip or tar/gzip files, and extract rar archives. It features multi-select, image thumbnails, and search capabilities. It also includes a SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, and APK binary XML viewer.

ES File Explorer (Free)

ES File Explorer is another file manager app, but it’s for regular and root users. If rooted, you can access the entire file system and data directories and change permissions, similar to Root Explorer. However, this app includes many more features beyond file management. It features an application manager, task manager, security manager, and bookmark manager. It also includes an SMB client to access Windows shares via the Wi-Fi network, Dropbox client to access files on the Internet, and FTP client to transfer files.

ROM Manager (Free or $5.99)

If you’d really like to experiment and go beyond rooting, this app can help you manage and flash third-party ROMs on your Android. It can also install a custom Android recovery system, giving you much more control and customization of your device. You can try other ROMs to help speed up and customize your device, install ROMs from your SD card or over the air (OTA), or you can create ROM backups. The premium version gives you additional features such as automatic ROM backups, premium ROMs, ROM update notifications.