Plastic Logic Que E-Reader

An 8.5x11-inch black and white display? What's so special about that? Nothing, but Plastic Logic sure makes the Que look serious--it was designed for well-coiffed executives, after all. 12 major news outlets agreed to supply this device with content when it launches in April, and books can be purchased from Barnes & Noble's ePub store. The device will operate on AT&T's 3G data network, and support Wi-Fi, as well as Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files. A version with 4GB of memory will sell for $650: why not then simply call it an ultrathin smartbook tablet mobile Internet device to help justify the price? More on CES 2010

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  • Anonymous
    why not tell us the IMPORTANT STUFF!!!???
    eG , can we save books? can Que unilaterally DELETE books etc, how FAST is it?? can we ANNOTATE parts of any book text??? can we BACK IT UP!!!
    Without these basic issues being addressed your 'review' is useless.