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Pirate Parties Campaign on Behalf of Legit Megaupload Users

Though you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise based on the headlines and news coverage surrounding its shutdown, Megaupload is used by thousands of people who aren't there to pirate anything, they simply need a way to share data, documents, and photos. And, while the FBI's shutdown of Megaupload may have stopped the site from infringing upon copyrights, it's also meant that the site's legitimate users can't access their personal files.

TorrentFreak today reports that Pirate Parties around the world are currently working to gather the names of all affected and are planning to file an official complaint against the authorities in the United States. There's also apparently been interest from legal experts and citizens rights groups, too.

A website launched by Pirates of Catalonia to drum up complainants currently lists Piratas de Galicia, Partido Pirata, Pirate Party UK, Česká pirátská strana, Піратська партія України, Piratpartiet, Parti Pirate, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Piratenpartij, Pirate Party of Canada, and Piratska Partija as promoters.

"Millions of legitimate users have been crippled by the US authority's attempt to enforce their own law across the world," a posting on the site reads. "[..] by closing the service they have impeded the access to millions of archives of both private individuals and organizations, potentially causing huge personal, economic and image damages to a vast number of people. In addition, the Pirate Party understands they may have violated Articles 197 and 198 of the Spanish Penal Code by misappropriating personal data."

The Pirates of Catalonia go on to say that they are currently investigating these potential breaches of law and will facilitate submission of complaints against the US authorities in as many countries as possible. Users and organizations affected by the shutdown of MegaUpload are invited to join the initiative by registering their names with the site.

"Regardless of ideology, or opinions on the legality or morality of those running Megaupload, actions such as the closure of this service cause huge damage to lawful users of the sites and are unacceptable and disproportionate violations of their rights," the group said.

Check out the website or join the initiative here.

Did you use Megaupload to store personal files? Let us know in the comments below!

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