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What Lawsuit? Pirates Still Sharing Hurt Locker

Back in May, the Hurt Locker producers announced that they had enlisted the help of a Washington D.C.-based firm called The U.S. Copyright Group and would be suing thousands of BitTorrent users for illegally downloading The Hurt Locker. A few weeks later, the production company filed suit against 5,000 torrenters.

However, it seems the suit has not affected downloads of the movie on BitTorrent. TorrentFreak reports that download statistics for the movie are nearly in line with May.

"In June, the film was downloaded little over 200,000 times, which puts it in the top 25 of most downloaded movies last month. Considering that the film has been available on BitTorrent for more than a year already, this high download number is quite an achievement and only a few percent less than the previous month."

Though it seems as though many BitTorrent users are just continuing to download the movie and hoping they don't get caught, it's just as likely that users aren't aware of the suit and, as a result, aren't aware of the consequences.

TorrentFreak points out that, ironically enough, the Hurt Locker producers haven't asked BitTorrent to take the download links down (there are more than 200). Could that be because they're going to make a boatload of money off of people pirating the movie?

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