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Microsoft Warns of Xbox Live Phishing Scam

While Sony just now begins to distribute its warning letter to PlayStation Network (PSN) members via email, Microsoft is currently issuing its own alert to those using Xbox Live. There's speculation that the two are somehow linked although both companies have not confirmed any connection between the two situations.

According to Microsoft, users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Combat 2. The alert is only for the matchmaking portion, indicating that scammers may try to trick users into revealing personal or password information within the game. Apologizing, the company said that it's indeed aware of the problem and is working to resolve the issue. Other than that, the service itself hasn't suffered a breach in security or is expected to go down in flames. At least, not yet.

The Redmond company may already be testing its infrastructure in the wake of Sony's security breach with PSN. Recent reports indicated that modified Xbox 360 consoles previously banned from accessing the Xbox Live network were suddenly allowed back online. There was speculation that perhaps the two incidents were tied together, but soon after the modded consoles were kicked back off the network again. It's now believed that Microsoft was merely performing tests rather than a temporary flip of a switch caused by an external source.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s small problem with phishing in Modern Combat 2 could turn into something bigger thanks to Sony. Gamers who access both PSN and Xbox Live may discover that information gained by hackers from the PSN security breach could potentially lead to their alias on Microsoft's network. How? Because the PSN hacker may have acquired the personal information of 75 million accounts including email addresses, physical addresses and perhaps even credit card numbers. These could be linked to an Xbox Live account, or the hacker could use the email addresses to send phishing scams (disguised as an official Sony statement regarding the PSN breach) for gaining access to additional information.

Ultimately gamers using the same password for both accounts may be in quite a pickle, and are suggested to change the Xbox Live password as soon as possible. Microsoft has also provided information for keeping your Xbox Live membership safe, located right here.