Gamers Spank Girls in Bizarre Upcoming PSP RPG

Tuesday brought news of a Japanese RPG for Sony's PSP that allows players to punish girls by spanking or via other physical means. The details came from this week's edition of Dengeki PlayStation, and apparently the punishment component is a central element to the game. According to the magazine, the developers believe that the game's final rating won't be "too harsh" despite its content.

Called Criminal Girls, players assume the role of a "guardian" to seven young female criminals who have been thrown down into the pits of Hell for their sins. The object is to reform the girls while leading them back up into the living world via an apparently extremely tall tower. The reform aspect involves the alleged punishment system, however images showed that there seems to be an RPG-style battle system of some sort as well.

No other details regarding the punishment system were revealed in the magazine, however a batch of screenshots show that some of the punishments will require a mosaic so that certain areas aren't revealed. The screen depicting the spanking is one such mosaic with the words "VERY GOOD" located over one of the girls at the bottom right--are users rated based on how well they perform the punishment?

Criminal Girls is expected to arrive in Japan for the PSP console on November 18, priced ¥6,090 at retail and ¥4,800 in download form. More details are expected to appear when the Criminal Girls website officially opens its doors on August 10th.

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  • Zingam
    Japanese RPGs (vomit)... BTW "spanking girls" - big deal! :D
  • tburns1
    Japan is definitely the sick brother in the orient.
  • someguynamedmatt
    That has to be one of the dumbest concepts I've ever heard of.
  • thedreadfather
    For $71? Sorry, no thanks.
  • theuerkorn
    I would have to assume that there is some sort of regulation. I hope so, since the way this article makes it sound is sick. (Then again the physical attributes in the first picture sure seem to confirm the story.)
  • scione
    Not all japanese rpgs are that bad, think Shin megami tensei, Valkyrie profile, Final fantasy, Dragon Quest, Earthbound, Xenogears etc
  • flaminggerbil
    To be honest this seems relatively normal for a Japanese game, there's some strange stuff out there...
  • ta152h
    tburns1Japan is definitely the sick brother in the orient.
    Maybe, but Japanese girls are arguably the most beautiful of the Orientals.

    I'm not saying this isn't a little strange by American standards, but, compared to Europeans, it's downright tame. How about the Dutch? Besides, probably some of our stuff seems weird to them too (I'm pretty sure the Dutch seem strange to everyone with their perversions).

    Fantasy is fantasy. If they like spanking girls (which some Americans do as well), who cares? It's strange, but, they don't need our approval.
  • Malovane
    I'm just curious as to why the girl in the top picture has nipples on the top of her breasts, as well as on her face.
  • rohitbaran
    So, a game for the sadists!