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Microsoft Working on XBL Help, FAQ System?

Gaming site Silicon Era discovered a patent filed by Microsoft that mimics the Super Guide found in Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. Wii game. The patent was filed a year ago by Microsoft's director of games platform strategy Andre Vrignaud, and describes a database that Xbox 360 owners can access when stuck within a game.

The database, according to the patent, will contain user-created content and information provided by the developer. The gamer, having issues in a certain spot, will be able to pull up the database and scroll through a list of submitted tips and guides. The database will also provide images, video clips, annotations using a digital pencil, and even audio commentary.

The patent says that the new service will (obviously) take advantage of Xbox Live, but it wasn't clear whether the new system would be available to Silver (free) members, or will be locked into the paid, Gold Xbox Live subscriptions. Silicon Era also said that the service would be ideal for popular games such as Halo or Modern Warfare 2, however the guides may be scarce for smaller, lesser-known games.

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