Microsoft Confirms 2013 Release For Windows Phone 7.8

Although it was originally expected to launch before 2013 arrives, Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will launch early next year.

The update will bring several notable features, including the inclusion of Windows 8's Start screen that will allow users to utilize the resizable Live Tiles feature.

Windows Phone 7.8 will also see the number of themes and colors doubling to 20, accompanied by new lockscreen features including the Bing Picture of the Day and a password lock to prevent accidental swiping.

Popular apps such as Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars will be included, as will services like Xbox Music and SmartGlass.

The Redmond-based company also confirmed it aims to expand the upcoming OS into more markets by shipping new Windows Phone 7.8 devices globally soon.


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  • tiret
    I think Zak got lost and found a microsoft article
  • freggo
    Why would they use a Version 7.8 for that. Isn't that creating more confusion to end users that you would want?
    I mean all day long we get bombarded with Win 8 this and Win 8 that...
    and then out of a sudden there is a Phone with Windows 7.8 on it.
    Sounds like last years model being unloaded to the uninformed masses.
  • fnh
    Some Microsoft press stooge forgot that MS is killing the Windows Phone 7 platform by making it un-updateable to Windows Phone 8 .

    The only logical market for Windows 7.8 is the waste bin. Unless Microsoft believes it can sucker OEMs to make WP 7.8 phones.