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Microsoft: Google Not Serious About Business Apps

Microsoft has claimed that it's not worried about Google increasing its presence with enterprise applications and cloud services.

The software giant's business division's general manager Julia White said Google "has not yet shown they are truly serious" about the enterprise app business. "From the outside, they are an advertising company."

Google itself has increased its presence in enterprise businesses, which has been spearheaded by services such as Google Apps and Google Cloud Services. The company's head of enterprise Amit Singh recently stressed the firm's goal of attracting 90 percent of Microsoft Office users.

However, according to Business Insider, just 4 percent of Google's revenue in 2011 derived from its enterprise services, with the remaining 96 percent stemming from advertising.

Comparatively, Office is one of Microsoft's main sources of revenue. It released Office 365 during the June of 2011, allowing users to utilize Office software in the cloud.

White pointed out that Office 365 is "on track to be our fastest-growing business." She added that for Google to be a serious competitor, the search engine giant would have to "provide a quality enterprise experience" in areas such as "privacy, data handling and security."

That said, according to the Times, Microsoft has yet to obtain considerable revenue from Office 365, with the majority of users preferring the company's Office software instead.