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All Zunes to be Discontinued, Zune HD to be 'It'

Set to launch in two weeks, Zune fans (and quite a few others) are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Zune HD. With its sleek design and full touchscreen, it makes the older Zunes look pretty bad. 

Paul Thurrott over on WinSuperSite has said Microsoft plans to discontinue all old models of the Zune, flash and hard drive. In other words, if you want an older Zune, or a Zune with a capacity of more than 32 GB, you should pick one up as soon as you can.

The news echoes rumors that Apple is gearing up to move away from the iPod Classic and focus on the iPod Touch as the main iPod. Time will tell as Apple has an iPod event scheduled for next Wednesday, September 9.