Here's a Gun Printed with a Consumer-level 3D Printer

A few weeks ago, a company called Defense Distributed made the news with its 3D-printed gun and the blueprints it uploaded to the web (and eventually pulled thanks to a take down notice from the State Department). However, just because the CAD files for Defense Distributed's Liberator are no longer online, that doesn't mean the 3D-printing world has stopped all work on using their machines to produce weapons.

Forbes reports that an engineer by the name of Joe has printed his own gun, which he calls the Lulz Liberator. Why the change of name? Because this gun was printed using a Lulzbot A0-101 3D printer, which is available to consumers pre-assembled from Lulzbot and costs just shy of $1,800, significantly cheaper than the high-end printer used to produce the original Liberator. The Lulz Liberator does differ to the original in that it uses metal to hold the gun together (the original Liberator was composed of almost 100 percent plastic), but the plastic used to build this piece cost only $25.

The video below was posted to YouTube and shows the gun firing off a total of nine shots. The video's description on YouTube states that one plastic barrel survived eight shots, before another barrel was swapped in for the ninth. Then nightfall came and put an end to the testing.

Testing the "Lulz Liberator," a $25 3D-printed handgun

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  • guanyu210379
    No plastic is now allowed anymore in the airplane ^o^
  • The_Trutherizer
    Idiots making sure we will have to endure even more stringent security measures in the future ftlulz -_-
  • curiosul
    So, I'm a criminal that wants to do some gun crime stuff and I want to bypass government gun control measures. Four choices:
    1: Steal a gun (free) - traceable, but not to me;
    2: Make my own using some steel tubing and whatnot (a few tens of dollars) - untraceable but dangerous
    3: Buy one on the black market (a few hundred dollars) - traceable, but not to me
    4: Drop a few thousand dollars on a 3D printer and good quality plastic to build what's shown in the article - (probably) traceable to me (google color printers' yellow dots coding) plus most people will laugh what they see me with it in my hand (including kids on the street)
    Hmmm, which one should I choose? Keep in mind that 2 and 4 will only have one round (and hard to reload) while 1 and 3 will have 6, 10, 30 etc (and easy to reload)
    But most importantly, which one do most people (that use emotion instead of reason to think/vote) think I'll choose?