4 New Keyboards, Tested

Keyboards of Summer

While summer isn’t traditionally keyboard season, this year manufacturers decided to launch new keyboards just ahead of the back to school season.

If your current keyboard is getting a bit crusty, or you’re simply looking to upgrade, consider one of these: we’ve got options for multimedia gurus, budget-oriented consumers, and gamers looking for something different.

To compare these new keyboards, we’ll examine them based on five areas: design, value, features, performance, and build quality. For design, we’ll look at how well the keyboard looks and feels when used, and answer the question, “Is this something we would want on our desk every day?” For value, we’ll look at the price point and see what you’re getting for the money – not all cheap keyboards are bad, and clearly not every expensive keyboard delivers bang for the buck. Next we’ll examine the features of the keyboard: its options and characteristics that make it stand out. One keyboard doesn’t have to offer more features than another to do well here, but it must offer a good set of features for its type.

Performance is judged by day-to-day use. Even the most attractive keyboards can be clumsy and difficult to use, and a good looking keyboard that’s horrible to use is no good for anyone. Finally, we’ll examine build quality-- whether or not the keyboard feels like it will hold up over time and is made from quality components.

  • hardcore_gamer
    The smartphone stand is a bad idea..it covers important keys..
  • memeroot
    all of them are a bit meh to eb honest.

    I've a steelseries 7g and a microsoft erganomic and wont be changing.
  • sneaky jedi
    memerootall of them are a bit meh to eb honest.I've a steelseries 7g and a microsoft erganomic and wont be changing.
    agreed, I was looking at getting a 7g, would you recommend?
  • coleipoo
    I can see the Microsoft Arc be a great option for me when I get FFXIV for the PS3. Does anyone know if it works for the PS3, or do I have to get a Bluetooth keyboard? Thanks.
  • ronch79
    Must be quiet on the tech field. If you want a keyboard, heck, just go down to your local PC store and check out some yourself. No need to read reviews.
  • dedhorse
    May be no need, but some of us just like reading reviews of keyboards and mice and other peripherals. Also helps when you get reviews of items not carried by your local PC store and only available to order online.
  • bentonsl_2010
    hardcore_gamerThe smartphone stand is a bad idea..it covers important keys..
    You didn't read the report at all did you?
  • I wouldn't get any of these.
    btw, how can logitech call that a new line of key. I bought one of those keyboard like 3 years ago, except it was wired.
    Get a keyboard that use mechanical switches, capacitive switch, or bucking spring.
  • Mark Heath
    there’s a keyboard in the roundup for you.
    Not really for gamers there's not.
  • This is actually an interesting review. I wish there were more keyboards like the Eclipse. I want a single device that is wireless, backlit, and has a trackball... but without the bad reviews, connection problems, etc. I actually don't want a keypad. The whole idea is to have a single device with all the basic necessities - I can get my numbers on the top row thank you.