Jedi Mouse Doesn't Require the Force, only Mind

While it will interesting to see what George Lucas has to say about Jedi Mind Inc.'s use of the word "Jedi," the company is currently working on a PC "peripheral" that integrates its thought-controlled software with a special brain-reading headset designed by Emotiv. According to a recent press release, Jedi Mind is ahead of schedule and plans to release the PC peripheral--called the Jedi Mouse--in Q1 2010.

"The Jedi Mouse allows the user to navigate the computer, open programs and send email with the power of their mind," the company explained. "The application launches a virtual keyboard once an email program is launched and provides the user the ability to compose a written correspondence and press send with the power of their mind."

The technology behind the Jedi Mouse is about as elusive as a Dark Jedi--although most likely just based on sensing brain electrical impulses. While it's unclear how the "mouse" aspect comes into play in other applications, it's assumed that the peripheral doesn't actually use a physical mouse, but creates a virtual mouse controlled by the user. The company recently launched a tech demo of the software called Think-Tac-Toe that requires the user to move a virtual target to a specific area.

Jedi Mind did not offer pricing for its upcoming thought-controlled mouse. However, Emotiv sells the actual headset (EPOC) for a surprising low cost of $299.00. There are various applications that take advantage of the technology including games and virtual worlds, a photo viewer, and more.

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  • kyeana
    Interested to see if this work well at all. I have my doubts.
  • abbadon_34
    Nice first step, essentially a 4 button keyboard at this point with the goal add more keys, then incremental movement like a joystick, precision of a mouse, and then off in the future the real scifi we can compare to a current peripheral
  • maximv
    The only thing its capable of is displaying porn sites every 10 seconds
  • Pailin
    ahh, gadgets to help one in the training of the Force.

    much practice it takes, but so too the rewards reflected are

    Good this will be :)
  • but will it help me code the next crysis?
    hmm... FPS
    No need for a mouse just look at the target and think clicky clicky... interesting.
  • Hellbound
    Wont be long till you can think "you want to take your clothes off" and it gets typed by accident...
  • aweadam
    Release a video demo!
  • skit75
    Yoda: "you must unlearn what you know about the mouse and keyboard."

    Skywalker: "But, what is in there?"

    Yoda: "Only what you take with you"

    Skywalker: I'm taking my Emotive EPOC Jedi Mouse to pwnz0r teh n00bz!
    Skywalker: "I'm taking my Emotiv
  • adipose
    edileeLOL..I'm calling BS on this one. Remember the very first "you talk it types" programs? They absolutely sucked and if you had any type of accent they sucked worse. If they can make a mouse that reads brainwaves don't you think that tech would have been used in much more useful areas.People will just get fatter and lazier if this actually works.
    Well for those of us with RSI, this could be nice. Doubt it works, though...