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CargoGuitar Turns Cargo Crate Into Giant Guitar

Immersive sound experiences are always exciting to see, but we were especially intrigued to hear that an ambitious group of folks were looking to create an electric guitar the size of a room. Dubbed the "Cargoguitar", this gigantic guitar is the result of a collaboration between architect Marcelo Ertorteguy and designers Sara Valente and Takahiro Fukada.

The project is comprised of a series of eight strings spanning a massive eight meters in length. On one side, the strings are attached to an vertical media column while the opposite side is attached to a horizontal bar. The resulting shape is a hyperbolic paraboloid of strings that offers incredible visuals when combined with the room's blacklight illumination.

According to the designers, each string is designed to produce a different tone offering visitors an incredible auditory and visual experience. The room is also fitted with two amplifiers that allow those inside the room to literally feel the vibrations of the sound as well. For those lucky enough to be at the Kobe Biennale 2011, the Cargoguitar will be on display for a limited time. Unfortunately for the rest of us, all we have is an 8 second video clip to enjoy, though the designers promise more videos are on the way.