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Guitar Hero Founder Wants Subscription DLC

The Seattle Times recently conducted an interview with RedOctane founder Kai Huang, discussing the controversy over Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero 5 avatar, if DJ Hero will outsell The Beatles: Rock Band, and a few additional juicy topics. Huang expressed his disappointment that DJ Hero didn't make the top 10 best-selling games when it hit the market last month, however he seemed rather happy about its overall sales.

One of the more interesting aspects of the interview was the mention of a possible Guitar Hero music service. When asked if a monthly subscription to a Guitar Hero catalog would be possible, Huang said that it's one of the things RedOctane definitely wants to do. However, there are certain hurdles to overcome before that comes to fruition.

"There are a lot of issues around music licensing," he said. "Consumers want it; I know I want it. We're trying to make that happen." His comment also ties in to an answer regarding the non-existent PC version, declaring that licensing is the biggest issue thus far in regards to allowing gamers to access their music through the various games. Huang also claims that people who play Guitar Hero actually prefer the platform as their main method of obtaining music rather than just "passively" listening to songs.

And what about the whole Kurt Cobain issue? "We can't comment specifically because there's litigation going on," he said.

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