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Griffin Unveils the Cuddly Woogie 2 Case at CES 2012

Among many of Griffin's products on display at CES, the Woogie 2 definitely has to be one of our favorites. Its predecessor, the original Woogie was released in 2010 as a toddler-friendly huggable iPhone and iPod touch case that surprisingly sold pretty well. We still aren't too sure why people like to give expensive, breakable gadgets to their little ones, but we're glad things like the Woogie 2 offer a bit of cuddly protection.

What sets the Woogie 2 apart from any other protective case is that it comes with a personality that your kids will surely enjoy. So if you feel the need to let your toddler use your iPhone or iPod touch, be sure to grab one of these. The Woogie 2 works in conjunction with the company's Woogie app, which gives the Woogie 2 ten different faces that respond to actions such as tickling, shaking and cuddling.

If your Woogie character is shaken, it gets dizzy; if the Woogie is tickled, it laughs and if you do nothing, the Woogie eventually falls asleep. In addition to all of its interactive fun, the Woogie can also repeat words and phrases. Woogie 2 has five fuzzy legs that allow it to be used as a stand, making it easy for the kids to watch videos. A transparent plastic window protects the phone or ipod's screen but there is also a socket for headphones. The Woogie 2 is already available and can be purchased in a blue or pink for $19.99.

Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.