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Leaked Images Purportedly Show Google Maps iOS App

Blurry images have surfaced that purportedly showcases a Google Map app for iOS.

Developer Dan Guild revealed the allegedly leaked photos of an iPhone running a native version of Google Maps. He said the app is apparently in its alpha stage.

Guild added that the yet-to-be-announced app is vector-base, which paves the way for two-finger rotation to achieve any angle. It's also "super fast" and is compatible with the height of the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen.

Apple removed the official Google Maps app via iOS 6's launch, consequently replacing it with its own maps app. However, in what's now known as Mapgate, the app didn't leave users satisfied through its extensive list of flaws. Apple, however, decided to release the app despite concerns expressed by developers prior to iOS 6's release.

Ultimately, CEO Tim Cook apologized for the flaws of the app in an open apology letter, with the company g

oing as far as hiring former Google developers to improve the maps app, which has since led to signs of improvements.

While Apple seemingly wants to remove every trace of Google Maps from iOS, speculation has suggested that a native Google Maps app will arrive sometime during 2013.

While you wait for the official Google Maps app to return on iOS, take a look at the top 12 alternatives to Apple's maps app.

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