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RUMOR: Google Honeycomb Arriving in February

Device Magazine reports that the next build of Android-- the one deemed as Honeycomb and primarily designed for tablets-- won't be version 3.0 after all, but rather v2.4. Honeycomb is also rumored to be launching in February 2011, the same time period Android v2.3 "Gingerbread"-- which was officially launched just a week ago-- is expected to land on Verizon's Android-based phones.

According to unnamed sources, Honeycomb will get its big reveal at the Mobile World Congress event held at Barcelona, Spain in February. This is also the same arena where Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg is expected to finally reveal the Zeus Z1, or as we like to call it, the PlayStation Phone.

Given that Sony Ericsson's mystery smartphone reportedly uses Gingerbread as the baseline OS, it's highly likely that both Google and Sony Ericsson will present their marriage at the same time. We're actually hoping that Nordberg will shed some light on how the phone will actually play games, as Sony recently revealed a PlayStation app-- which has been spotted in images of the Z1-- that doesn't play games, but serves as a PlayStation Network companion instead.

But as for the whole numbering system with Google's Android OS, v2.4 doesn't really make sense if Honeycomb is indeed slated for tablet use. We know this is Google's primary intent, as tablet manufacturers have openly admitted that they're holding off on releasing an Android tablet until Honeycomb officially arrives. If that's the case, v3.0 makes more sense, leaving the v2.x numbers locked with the smartphone-oriented builds.

At this point, it seems logical to focus on both CES 2011 and the Mobile World Congress event taking place a month later. We imagine that more information will be revealed at either event.