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Zuckerberg Confesses to IMs

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg recently opened up to The New Yorker and admitted his regrets concerning the controversial Harvard Connection instant messages. The lengthy "inside look" also revealed that he seemingly dislikes the stage, and explained why he chose blue for Facebook's overall theme.

The instant messages--posted on the Internet earlier this year--came from Zuckerberg's computer during a search by Facebook's legal team. The messages were sent while he still resided at Harvard, and in one session explained how he was going to deal with Harvard Connection. The other session showed that he had access to anyone at the university, however both sessions displayed the Facebook CEO in a negative, back-stabbing light.

"If you’re going to go on to build a service that is influential and that a lot of people rely on, then you need to be mature, right?" he said after admitting his regret. "I think I’ve grown and learned a lot."

But he also knows that the immature image will be hard to shake, especially when "The Social Network" hits theaters. As The New Yorker states, the movie is an unofficial, "scathing" portrait, depicting an insecure, unsmiling, sexually-driven young man. "I think a lot people will look at that stuff, you know, when I was nineteen, and say, 'Oh, well, he was like that. . . . He must still be like that, right?'"

As for why Facebook is blue, Zuckerberg said that he's red-green color-blind. The interior of his house is painted with various shades of beige and blue save for the kitchen, which is decorated in a vibrant yellow. For Zuckerberg, blue is the richest color to his eyes. "I can see all of blue," he said.

The New Yorker's lengthy profile on Mark Zuckerberg can be found here.