Man Admits Trying to Hire Hitman via Facebook

Friday a 19-year-old man pleaded guilty for raping an intoxicated woman and then trying to hire a hitman on Facebook to take her out.

The 20-year-old woman's name is being withheld. However Corey Christian Adams of West Chester, Pa. met the victim at a party they both attended on South High Street on June 29, 2010. Intoxicated, she was unable to drive home, so Adams offered her a lift.

Sometime during the ride she passed out, but immediately woke up as Adams was allegedly cutting her pants leg off with a knife and trying to have sex. When she said "no," he continued on despite her resistance.

Following the incident, a series of telephone calls took place between the victim and Adams which were secretly taped by Detective Stan Billie. In the first conversation, she confronted him about what he did that night. Adams then supposedly jumped onto Facebook and tried to enlist a hitman.

"I got 500 on a girls head who wants that bread?” Adams allegedly wrote. "Hit me up anyway possible."

Without revealing his real identity, Detective Billie took the offer. The two arranged a time to discuss the "job" in person, but Adams never showed up. Instead, he posted another message on Facebook shortly after talking to the victim on the phone again, saying that he "needed this girl knocked off right now."

Adams was arrested in July 2010 and charged with rape, criminal solicitation of murder, unlawful restraint and possession of an instrument of crime. First Assistant District Attorney Patrick Carmody said the case against Adams was strong given the Facebook threats and the victim's DNA on the knife police recovered from Adams' house.

Carmody said the death treat was "not the most intelligent act in the world."

Adams admitted his guilt in Common Pleas Court and now faces a sentence of 11 to 22 years in state prison followed by 3 years of probation. According to the Daily Local News, the sentence will not be effective until it's determined whether Adams could be considered a sexually violent predator by the state Sexual Offenders Assessment Board.

A formal sentencing will take place within the next ninety days.

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