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Microsoft Accused of Advocating Sexting

Consumer Reports is calling Microsoft's latest promotional ad for the new Kin phones "downright creepy," accusing the Redmond-based company of advocating texting... or at least, it comes "uncomfortably close" to the actual act.

The allegations refer to a young man in the video who places the device under his shirt and seemingly takes a picture of his bare chest. After a quick glance at the man-boob snapshot on the phone, the video turns back to the young man who then proceeds to send it on to someone else. Granted there's nothing illegal regarding images of the male anatomy from the waist up, Consumer Reports felt a little awkward by the end of the segment.

"The entire sequence comprises about 10 seconds of a 60-second video (embedded after the jump), and the music-video-style cinematography makes it a little difficult to tell what you're looking at, including the sex of the person shooting the picture," Consumer Reports said.

Check out the video and see if Consumer Reports was dead on... the clip is definitely a little weird and busy.