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Apple Deleting Posts About Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports' testing is a little different to the YouTube videos we've seen from iPhone 4 owners covering the antenna and filming the affect it has on their signal. CR's test was conducted inside a radio frequency isolation chamber and used a base station simulator to rule out issues with AT&T. The result was that the iPhone 4 would still drop 20 decibels when a hand touched the left corner of the phone.

However, it seems Apple is eager to keep potential customers from reading about the Consumer Reports testing and is removing mentions of it from its forums. TUAW reports that at least six threads pertaining to the Consumer Reports article have been removed. In fact, any thread relating to the topic appearing in Google search results has been removed.

We can only assume Apple is going to these measures to save face. Unfortunately for the folks at Cupertino, the Apple forums occupy just one teeny corner of the Web and the Consumer Reports review is just one of many that points to the antenna issue as a deal-breaker for potential buyers.