MiVeu Turns Your iPhone Into a Personal POV Sporting Camera

Last week's CES was filled with nice TVs, tablets, ultrabooks and smartphones but there was also a surprising number of cases and accessories on display, such as the Woogie 2. Another case that caught our attention was the MiVeu iPhone case strapped to one of the company's employees.

If you're into recording extreme sports adventures in high definition, then one of GoPro's versatile cameras would do a great job. But if you already have a smartphone that can record 1080p video such as an iPhone 4S, MiVeu's camera case could be a cheaper alternative. At first you might think its $80 price tag is a bit steep for a device that straps your iPhone to your chest, but it's not too bad once you consider all of the benefits.

The great thing about MiVeu is that it comes with its own custom designed optical glass lens, extending the viewing angle of the iPhone's camera to capture wide angled shots. MiVeu also incorporates a simple tactile shutter button into the case, making it easy to snap photos or start recording. The body harness that is attached to your chest can also be used to mount MiVeu just about anywhere on your body, such as your leg or lower torso.

In addition to body harness, MiVeu also offers a universal bracket mounting system that lets you connect the camera to any type of sports equipment such as a ski pole or your dirt bike. The only downside to all of this is that the case isn't waterproof, though we're guessing the company will be making one of those soon. MiVeu can be purchased from the company's website here.

Tuan Mai

Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles-based writer and marketing professional focused mainly on PC gaming and hardware. He held the role of Social Media Editor across Tom's Guide and its sister publications for more than six years, helping the sites grow their audiences and also contributing dones of articles, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.