California Sheriffs Issue 'Pedo Bear' Warning

If you're a regular internet user, there's a good chance you're familiar with Pedo Bear, the meme made popular by 4Chan. In case you're not, Pedo Bear is a cartoon drawing of a bear that users post when someone on the internet is being creepy about children.

California's San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department has heard of Pedo Bear, too. Unfortunately, they are mistaken in how they think how Pedo Bear is used. According to a recent report from KSBY TV, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department is warning people that pedophiles are using Pedo Bear as a marker to identify themselves as such. The sheriff's department says that although Pedo Bear's origins can be traced to a Japanese cartoon, he has been adopted as a mascot by pedophiles. The sheriff's department says people should exercise caution if they encounter anyone in a Pedo Bear costume, or with a Pedo Bear car decal.

"The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department is warning parents about a disturbing new phenomenon made popular by pedophiles and sexual deviants.

Though it seems pretty ridiculous that the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Department would believe even for a second that pedophiles would adopt a mascot that would make them more visible to anyone, confirmation comes via Gawker that the department seems to be 100 percent sure about the meaning of Pedo Bear. A two-page public safety bulletin compiled by the team in San Luis Obispo claims that Pedo Bear is being used by pedophiles and sexually-preferential offenders "to communicate their interest in young children to eachother."

Check out the safety bulletin on Gawker.

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  • dgingeri
    another case of stupid people being stupid and being too stupid to realize just how stupid they are. If someone really believes this, they shouldn't be in law enforcement.
  • buddhav1
    I loled.
  • igot1forya
    I'm online every day and have NEVER heard or saw this used before... I'm not sure weather to LOL or WTF!
  • haunted one
    There was a guy dressed as a bear at the University of Toronto Orientation this week.

    Everyone attack!
  • Azgoroth
    Look everybody! Lets smash this car!
  • Shadow703793
    Igot1foryaI'm online every day and have NEVER heard or saw this used before... I'm not sure weather to LOL or WTF!Guess you've never been to 4Chan/Reddit?
  • tsnorquist
    Tom's, you sure this wasn't being investigated by Reno 911?
  • grieve
    That's why i saw those 55 old men dressed as Pedo Bear...

    NO NOT REALY, NO ONE DRESSESES AS PEDO BEAR! wtf, get your head out of your ass.

    Seriously a sex offender is going to place a bumper sticker on their car to identify themselves? Seriously?
    I suddenly feel very un-protected.
  • grieve
    car... not care :( i feel foolish now... where is my bear outfit?
  • trainreks
    next they will be looking for posts with johnny chimpo to crack down on drug dealers.