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Hulu Working on iPad Support

TechCrunch seems to believe that Hulu could work on Apple's upcoming iPad. Currently Apple's iPhone OS doesn't support Flash, and Hulu doesn't offer videos outside the Flash player. So what gives? How' that going to work? Re-design the entire site using HTML5? That might be costly and time consuming, especially when the 3rd-party advertisements are designed to run under Flash.

Apparently there's a rumor that Hulu is working on an iPad-friendly version, perfect for Steve Job's little portable cherub. CEO Jason Kilar even boasted support about mobility, but refused to confirm or deny future iPad support. As Gizmodo points out, the company reportedly already has an iPhone app in the works, however we have yet to see it.

Although Hulu videos are streamed through a Flash player, they're also encoded in H.264, making the media supported by the QuickTime player and Apple's web browser, Safari. Unfortunately, iPhone and iPod Touch users can't access the videos via Safari --they're merely greeted by a message saying that Hulu requires Flash Player 10.0.22. For compatibility, Hulu would need to create a non-Flash player for all three devices to view the content.

Without confirmation, all this is mere speculation. We can see Hulu and the iPad making a perfect match, but there are a few technical and financial hurdles to overcome to make the magic. It's quite possible that the mystery Apple App is waiting on the iPad's release before going live on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPad could have been the culprit behind the delay the entire time.

  • TunaSoda
    Waste of time
  • Marco925
    Hulu Can stick it where the sun don't shine for not being open on the web.

    Yeah, i hate Hulu's "US only" policy
  • seantm
  • etichi
    some negative comment
  • Honis
    So glad my phone will have flash by the end of the month.
  • square965
    "Although Hulu videos are streamed through a Flash player, they're also encoded in H.264..."

    "The entire library would also need to be converted to H.264 standard as well."

    A bit hypocritical, no?
  • mattfoo2324
    HTML5 is the way to go... in a few years! Flash is now, and Apple better their act together. Seriously, how hard can it be. They have $25 billion in their bank account sitting around and they can't put flash on their iPod/iPhone. Bad Apple!
  • JohnnyLucky
    Hmmmm.....TV on a small screen iPad or my large screen plasma TV? No brainer!
  • anamaniac
    How about putting HULU in Canada first?
    Granted, I just use a free VPN (Hotspot Shield), but it's annoying.

    There's more Canadian's than there will be Macintosh tampon users. =)
  • r3t4rd
    So wuts the difference between this and Hulu on a Netop/Tablet/Slate? Oh wait, its the Hulu Apple version - you get to watch Hulu on a menstral device. Yeah, now I am just going to have to buy this for my Wife, Wife's sister, sister, first mistress, second mistress, Wife's best friend (third Mistress).....yeah.