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Apple Fined Millions for Misleading Australian Customers

If you cast your mind back to the announcement and subsequent launch of Apple's current iPad, you might remember that Cupertino ran into a spot of trouble when it came to advertising the iPad abroad. In both the UK and Australia, for example, the iPad was marketed as a 4G device. However, because of the differences in network spectrum, customers buying the tablet for use in the UK or Australia wouldn't actually be able to use it on their native 4G networks (the UK actually doesn't even have any 4G networks yet).

Customers complained and Apple was forced to alter its website to make it clear that customers would not be able to use the iPad on the 4G networks in their native lands. Additionally, Apple offered refunds to those that felt they had been misled and wanted to return their new tablet. However, it seems Apple has also been slapped with a hefty fine over the 4G blunder.

Reuters reports that Australian Federal Court has fined Apple $2.25 million. The news outlet says the court ruled in favor of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which filed suit following complaints from customers. Reuters cites the court as saying Apple led users to believe that purchasing the iPad with WiFi + 4G would enable them to connect to the Telstra LTE mobile network, which is not the case.

Apple implied "that an iPad with WiFi + 4G could connect directly to the Telstra LTE mobile data network in Australia, which it could not do," according to the verdict emailed to Reuters by the regulator.