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Track Swine Flu Outbreaks with iPhone App

Want to make fart noises? There's an app for that. In the mood to shoot down a few Nazis? There's an app for that. Want to keep track of swine flu outbreaks? Apparently there's an app for that too, now available on Apple's App Store. Could this application prove useless like many of the applications already littering the service? Perhaps not.

Created by the Children's Hospital of Boston along with MIT Media Lab, the application gathers data provided by HealthMap, an online service that "collects filters, maps, and disseminates information about emerging infectious diseases." CNET wrote a small review, ultimately deciding that HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me (iTunes link) is actually a worthwhile app, believe it or not.

The program incorporates Google Maps, showing the end-user's current location and displaying nearby outbreaks with pin-like graphics. Users can also search for a specific spot--such as a vacation destination--and be able to view places better to be avoided. According to CNET, there's also a list view that shows a summary of each outbreak's associated news story.

The application's additional features include push notifications, and also the ability to submit outbreak reports and photos; HealthMap reviews all submissions before inserting reports into the overall pool. Currently the application is ranking one and a half stars out of five, with end-users complaining of crashes, long loads, and overall lackluster design.

  • ubernoobie
    too bad doesn't work in canada since canada stopped claiming tolls of infected/deaths
  • Geez, some world health officials are justs dying for an pandemic. H1N1 hasn't killed any more people than a normal flu, they sure are trying to ratchet up the fear. Have some links:

    Experts questioning the vaccine, and being ignored by goverment:

    Homeless people being killed by the vaccine:

    Vaccine accidentally being shipped with the live flu, also information regarding mercury in the vaccine:

    and a personal favorite, what to do if forced to be vaccinated:
  • ravenware
  • jellico
    Actually, H1N1 has so-far proven itself to be much more mild than the regular flu. Yet, these health officials are advocating draconian measures to force people to take a hastily developed, untest and unproven vaccine and/or be arrested and destained without a warrent or court-order, and taken to a quarantine facility (a.k.a. interment camp). I find it a little too convenient that the vast majority of Americans are adamantly rejecting the health care reforms being proposed by congress, but now a flu virus which has only killed around 500 people (the regular flu kills almost 40,000 each year in the US alone) is a health threat akin to an airborne strain of Ebola.

    I mean, is anyone buying this crap? They are talking about half the country being infected... what complete and utter nonesense! You couldn't hope to achieve that with a fleet of aircraft and using the most insidious bioweapons known to man, yet this case of the flu is going to sweep across the country like wildfire. And this impossible scenario is being used as the basis for declaring what amounts to martial law.

    Nothing good can come from this.
  • tacoslave
    another i phone app... theres one for everything , how to tie shoes washing your dog in space, lightsaber,clean your shit with i phone, i porn (the best one was shot down why do the good always die young!!!)but is there an iPhone app to track an i phone app?
  • wild9
    How does one track any outbreak, given the ridiculous levels of illegal immigration - primarily from down South?
  • jellico
    wild9How does one track any outbreak, given the ridiculous levels of illegal immigration - primarily from down South?Yeah, and that's another thing that's really suspicious. If this outbreak is serious enough that many states are considering legislation which basically tosses the Constitution in the litter box, then why aren't closing the boarding? You would think they would have the national guard in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California all over that border. And for that matter, you would think they would have medical screening centers to evaluate everyone coming off of internation flights. But, no... they don't think that's necessary; however, it may be necessary to drag people out of their homes and to an internment camp, er... excuse me, quarantine facility.
  • doomtomb
    old news
  • gamerjames
    Swine flu is just dumb. Why be scared
  • joesapp37
    Swine flu still around? Where did I put my flu-mask... FML!!