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Kaspersky Does Parental, Theft Protection for Android Tablets

Kaspersky Lab reports that it has launched a security solution that brings premium anti-theft and web management features to Android tablets. 

Available now on Android Market, Kaspersky Tablet Security costs $19.95 for a one-year subscription, but tablet owners will have peace of mind knowing that their investment can be retrieved from thieves and protected against harmful malware by one of the best Android antivirus apps. (Kaspersky also makes some of the best antivirus software and some of the best Mac antivirus software.)

"As the boundaries between personal mobile devices and corporate IT continue to blur, it become more important than ever to secure any device that can potentially store sensitive content," says Peter Beardmore, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab. "Whether it’s my family photos or company email, I like knowing that my data is protected from malware and under my control, even if I accidentally left my tablet in the back of a cab."

Highlights of Kaspersky Tablet Security include the ability to remotely lock the missing tablet for securing private information. Users can also remotely wipe the information, and even locate the device by using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi via Google Maps. Even more, the "Mugshot" feature will allow tablet owners to remotely activate the front-facing camera and secretly shoot and send pictures of whomever is using the stolen tablet.

"The web based control center provides all the necessary tools to control your tablet via a user-friendly interface," Kaspersky Lab states in a press release. "It allows you to activate the anti-theft functions and control their state, as well as receive device location data and view photos taken by the Mugshot feature. The tablet automatically connects itself to the Web Central server at designated intervals and, should it receive commands from the owner, implements them."

On the antivirus/malware front, the app provides real-time protection against malicious links and web pages including phishing sites. It also automatically scans downloaded apps and provides both on-demand and scheduled scans and updates. It also keeps a constant connection to Kaspersky Lab’s online threat database "for fast reaction against new viruses, spyware, trojans, bots and more."

Available for purchase now, Kaspersky Table Security supports versions OS 2.2-4.x (aka Froyo and newer) on the Android operating system. A one-year license of Kaspersky Tablet Security can be purchased online for $19.95 at beginning March 12, 2012, or in the Android Marketplace beginning today. Current customers with valid Kaspersky Tablet Security licenses can upgrade to this new version of the program free of charge.

Also on Tuesday Kaspersky introduced its first parental control apps for both Android and Apple's iOS. Both apps are free and currently in beta, providing tools for keeping children from visiting unsuitable or potentially harmful websites. The Android version allows parents to select predetermined categories of websites to be restricted, such as websites related to porn, drugs, violence and so on. The iOS version provides a web browser (SafeBrowser) which can block harmful and inappropriate web content.

Finally, Kaspersky said it updated its free Android security solution, Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite. The updated version, already available on Android Market, features Anti-Virus Lite, a user friendly tool that performs on-demand checks of newly downloaded Android programs.

  • nebun
    a little late for kasperky....there are a lot of really good security apps and they are free
  • saxplayingcompnerd
    I tried Kaspersky, it has a nice feature that makes it nearly impossible to uninstall without some google searches.
  • sairasie
    i Dont use Kaspersky but may be i will try for it. I am using Comodo and it serves best for my pc.
  • myron_98
    Good to know about the Kaspersky Tablet Security .I am already using the COMODO anti virus software.It is really good for my Pc
  • Hansy
    yup sairise and myron are true, Not that much as comodo mobile security.
  • casand
    @Myron_98 : I agree with you that Comodo Anti-virus software is very efficient has more security option and also it prevents