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Windows 10 For Phones: Top Features

Microsoft's Windows 10 is designed to bring big software upgrades across all of the company's platforms, and mobile is no exception. The new OS will make your handset work more seamlessly than ever with your Windows PCs and tablets, complete with some handy phone-specific upgrades that change the way you keep up with friends. Here are our favorite phone features of Microsoft's upcoming OS.

New, Cleaner Interface

Instead of displaying your phone's background within the home screen tiles, Windows Phone 10 now shows the background behind the tiles in the vein of the desktop version of the Start menu. Complementing this cleaner look is the ability to quickly view recently downloaded apps by simply swiping from the right. 

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Universal Action Center and Settings

The settings menu has received a complete overhaul, and you can make your preferences universal across any of your Windows 10 devices. The same goes for the software's improved Action Center, which allows you to dismiss a notification on your phone and have it go away on your PC.

Floating Keyboard and Improved Dictation

The virtual keyboard can be dragged anywhere on the screen, which could be especially handy on phablet-sized devices. If you prefer to answer your messages with voice, Windows 10 will automatically recognize any names in your contacts, and can even create a proper hashtag once you say the word "hashtag" followed by a phrase.

All-in-one Messaging and Calling

Microsoft doesn't want you to have to ever leave its messaging app, and, as such, you can switch between sending an SMS or a Skype message within the same text conversation. The improved messaging app is designed to put updates from all of your chat programs in one place, and could make texting friends even more convenient if third parties like Facebook and WhatsApp jump aboard. The functionality is also slated to come to calling, meaning that you'll be able to easily Skype friends when on Wi-Fi instead of running up your phone bill.

Universal Apps

"Universal" is the key word for Windows 10, and Microsoft wants to make sure that your go-to desktop apps work just as well on your phone. Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel will be available on Windows 10 for phones, complete with touch-friendly controls and the ability to quickly bounce documents from your mobile device to your PC.