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Save $300 on the LG V30 Through Verizon

LG's V30 isn't so much a smartphone, as it is a mobile multimedia studio with a phone included. And you can save $300 on this $840 flagship device at Verizon right now.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Big rebates on top-of-the-line phones aren't out of the ordinary, especially during the holiday season. But what makes Verizon's LG V30 offer so compelling is that you don't have to trade in any phone to get the discount. Just buy the V30 from Verizon, and the carrier will knock $300 off the cost.

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There's some fine print, of course. You won't get that $300 right away. Instead, it will come in the form of a bill credit spread out over 24 months. That means you've got to stick with Verizon for the next two years to get the full $300 rebate.

That's not the only thing you can save on when you buy the V30 from Verizon. The carrier is also offering an instant 50 percent discount on a wireless charging pad. So you're able to add a wireless charging accessory to your purchase for an extra $40.

When we reviewed the LG V30, we were impressed by how its dual rear cameras performed, particularly on wide-angle shots. Videographers will appreciate the Cine Video features that give your videos a cinematic look. You'll also really enjoy the sound produced by the phone's 32-bit quad digital-to-analog converter. We wish the V30 turned in a better battery performance in our testing, though that's where the wireless charging pad comes in.

You don't have long to mull over this offer from Verizon. The $300 discount on the LG V30 ends Wednesday (Dec. 13).

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