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OnePlus 7 Pro Will Fix This One Big Complaint

OnePlus is slated to unveil its new OnePlus 7 Pro handset next week. But that hasn't stopped the company from revealing a new feature en route for its flagship smartphone.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Speaking to CNET in an interview published on Thursday (May 9), OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that the OnePlus 7 Pro will fix one of the biggest gripes OnePlus owners have had in recent years — the device's vibration engine. He told CNET that the OnePlus 7 Pro aims at making the "haptic experience excellent." And that meant building a larger vibration motor into the device that's 200 percent more powerful than the previous version.

At first blush, that might not sound like much. But Lau noted that the vibration engine was one of the biggest complaints users made about the previous OnePlus models, who said the vibration was too light and made them miss notifications. Last year, the problem became such a big concern that a Reddit thread was created to petition OnePlus to bundle a better vibration function into its next smartphone.

In today's smartphone market, notifications are everything. We're getting hit from all sides from apps trying to alert us to new messages, sales, updates, and much more. But in order to handle those notifications, we actually need to be notified. And a strong-enough vibration motor that offers a good balance of alerting us without annoying us is critical.

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In the interview with CNET, Lau said that OnePlus is "constantly listening to feedback from the community on what features and characteristics they would like to see implemented on OnePlus phones." He said that OnePlus heard the vibration complaints loud and clear.

But getting the vibration feature to work well was no easy task, Lau said. The OnePlus 7 Pro's internal design needed to be tweaked to ensure the proper placement of the feature, so it wouldn't increase the phone's thickness, yet still allow for an "even" vibration flow across the smartphone. Lau said OnePlus achieved that.

However, with a vibration motor that's 200 percent more powerful than the previous model, getting the amount of vibration right is critical. And Lau said that those who prefer less of a vibration can turn the power down. If you want a strong vibration, you can turn it up.

OnePlus will unveil its OnePlus 7 Pro at a special press event on May 14. Pricing and availability are not yet known.