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Here's Your Best Look Yet at the OnePlus 7

With all of the Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors dominating the smartphone world right now, it's been hard for other leaks to stand out. But now, one has surfaced from an unknown Twitter user who says they've seen the OnePlus 7 in all its glory.

Credit: @Steven_Sbw

(Image credit: @Steven_Sbw)

In a recent tweet, a Twitter user with no record of leaking products, @Steven_Sbw, published a photo of an alleged OnePlus 7. The device in the picture comes with a bezel all around, but doesn't include a notch, which follows earlier rumors that suggest the company will not deliver an iPhone-like clone in its new flagship.

Instead, the phone in the picture comes with what appears to be a rather chunky bezel that runs around the screen. In fact, at the top of the device, the bezel is quite large and takes away some bit from the broader design. Thinner bezels are clear on the sides and bottom.

The device itself is running Android, of course, but since we only have one image, we can't tell much else about what OnePlus might have planned. We can't tell from the image whether the device has multiple cameras (we bet it does) or what other features might be hiding from view.

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But before we give this too much credence, we should also acknowledge that OnePlus is historically quite secretive and loath to share details on its plans until it's ready to do so. We should also point out that while the image in the tweet might be the real deal, we've never seen a leak before from @Steven_Sbw, so we can't be sure it's real.

Looking ahead, OnePlus is expected to unveil its OnePlus 7 in the second half of 2019. So, once we get the Galaxy S10 announcement out of the way on Wednesday (Feb. 20), we can all but bet that we'll hear more about OnePlus 7 as time goes on.