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Magic Leap Puts AR Solar System in Your Home

While the details behind Magic Leap's mysterious upcoming augmented reality device are scarce, we're growing more and more intrigued by its potential. The Florida-based, Google-backed startup has provided a new teaser video showcasing the types of AR experiences its new gadget can provide, and the results are fairly drool-worthy.

The video begins with what looks like a trash-can-shaped robot hovering under a work desk and saying hi to the camera. It then cuts to a shot of a fully animated replica of the solar system floating over someone's office. The camera zooms in and pans around each virtual planet, showing the impressive level of detail the Magic Leap is capable of rendering. According to the company, all footage in the video was shot directly on a Magic Leap device with no retouching.

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As reported by Engadget, Magic Leap CEO and founder Rony Abovitz took to the WSJD Live showcase in California to shed some light on the company's largely under-wraps project. Abovitz noted that while the Leap will have the power do anything you'd do on your smartphone or computer, it also will feature a design that you won't be embarrassed to wear out in public.

Abovitz noted that the team is working to prevent motion-sickness issues that can arise with augmented and virtual reality by making the experience feel as natural as possible. The device will run a proprietary operating system, and the company is welcoming developers to help create apps for it.

Magic Leap made headlines last year after securing $542 million in funding, with Google being one of the main backers. While there's no word yet on when consumers will be able to try the company's much talked-about tech for themselves, Abovitz told reporters at WSJD that "we're not far."

Michael Andronico

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