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Lenovo Goes Up Against Google With Glass-like Patent

Google may soon have new competition when it comes to head-mounted wearables. Chinese electronics maker Lenovo has filed a patent for an "Electronic Device and Sound Capturing Method" with the United States and Patent Trademark Office, which would allow the company to craft its own high-tech spectacles.  

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While the patent doesn't explicitly cite the device's function as a Google Glass-like wearable, the image that accompanied the filing clearly shows a face-mounted device with a heads-up display and wireless bone conduction microphones for audio communication. 

Lenovo is best known for its purchase of IBM's Thinkpad brand when the company exited the PC market in 2005. However, after Lenovo's purchase of the Motorola Mobility division from Google for $2.9 billion in March, it seems the Chinese manufacturer is ready to make a concerted effort into the wearable market. 

With Google updating Glass to 2GB of RAM and continuing its open beta of the Explorer program, this may be the right time for a new contender to the company's high-profile wearable. There seems to be far less competition in the smartglasses space compared to, say, smartwatches, as companies like LG, Motorola and possibly Apple are all looking to stake a claim in the wrist-worn wearable market.

Source: USPTO

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