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Apple Watch Scratch Test: See What It Can't Take

We already know that the Apple Watch Sport looks nice and has a ton of cool features, but can it take a beating? That's exactly what Unbox Therapy's Lewis Hilsenteger set to find out, as he put the Apple Watch Sport's new Ion-X Glass display through its paces in a series of scratch tests.

In his scrap with the Apple Watch Sport, Hilsenteger's weapons of choice were a key, a knife, a piece of steel wool and two different pieces of sandpaper, each with varying degrees of roughness. The Watch Sport's display was virtually unscathed by the key, knife and steel wool, but finally started showing some scratches when up against the first type of sandpaper (the second did even more damage). In his video, Hilsenteger concluded that while durable, the Watch Sport's Ion-X display isn't quite as resilient as Sapphire Crystal.

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The pricier Apple Watch Edition packs a Sapphire Crystal display, so why did Apple opt for Ion-X on the Apple Watch Sport? According to the device's listing on, Ion-X allows the Sport to be up to 30 percent lighter than its more premium counterparts, making the wearable better suited to fitness use. The watch's description says that the Ion-X's aluminosilicate construction is "especially resistant to scratches and impact," which held true for the most part in this scratch test.

Based on Unbox Therapy's video, it seems like you shouldn't have to worry too much about damaging the Apple Watch Sport when you take it out on your next hike or jog. For more on the Apple Watch's design, apps and real-world performance, stay tuned for our in-depth review.

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