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Apple Watch 2 Breakthrough Could Fix Battery Woes

If your biggest reservation about the Apple Watch was its mediocre battery life, you might be far more interested in the eventual hardware refresh. A report from DigiTimes mentions that Apple is switching its touchscreen technology to a "One Glass Solution," information that seemingly comes straight from display maker TPK Holding.

The "One Glass Solution," or OGS, would use just one piece of the material for the touch screen, unlike the current Apple Watch's OLED display, which uses a more typical stack of two pieces of glass. Less glass on the display leaves more room inside the casing for a larger battery. Apple claims that the existing Watch lasts 18 hours, but it could be far less under heavy use.

According to the DigiTimes report, TPK's OGS panels were subject to technical issues, so yield rates from manufacturing were lower than expected for the company, leading to a drop in net loss per share.

There are a number of other rumors afoot about the next Apple Watch, including that it may release later this year and that it features an LTE radio to function independently from a smartphone.

[via DigiTimes]

Andrew E. Freedman

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