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Amazon Scoring Cloud Music Right to Match iCloud

Amazon surprised the music industry and rivals Google and Apple last year by launching a virtual locker, Amazon Cloud Drive, that allows users to upload and stream their music to multiple Web-connected devices without the need for a license. The company will even store music files in the cloud that have been purchased in Amazon's MP3 music store.

But now it seems that Amazon is expanding on its basic locker service. According to numerous unnamed industry sources, Amazon has reached agreements with Universal Music Group and EMI to possibly match music consumers have purchased outside the Amazon realm. The company is also reportedly in the later stages of negotiations with the other two major record companies, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

Amazon could announce the deals within weeks, sources told CNET.

Details are scarce for the moment, but there's speculation that Amazon may soon be able to match many of the features found in Apple's iCloud service. What's more, on Tuesday Amazon finally launched its Cloud Player app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch which could mean that Amazon is gearing up to invade iOS with its iCloud rival.

Naturally by matching a customer's music library, Amazon won't require each user to upload their pre-purchased tracks to its servers. Instead, Amazon will likely scan the user's hard drive to identify, match and then stream top-quality music to the Cloud Player app for the desktop and mobile devices.

So far the four record companies and Amazon have refused to comment, so stay tuned for additional news.