Edifier W240TN review: Budget noise-cancellers worth tacking down

Surprisingly good sound and noise cancellation for $79

Edifier W240TN ANC earbuds in charging case placed in palm of hand
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Tom's Guide Verdict

The Edifier W240TN are a steal for those seeking great audio and ANC in a chic package.


  • +

    Detailed, dynamic soundstage

  • +

    Effective ANC

  • +

    Attractive, durable design

  • +

    Reliable battery life


  • -

    Limited touch control customization

  • -

    Weak call quality

  • -

    No wireless charging

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Edifier W240TN: Specifications

Price: $79 / £79

Colors: Gunmetal black; white

Battery life (rated): Up to 8.5 hours; 25.5 hours (charging case with ANC off)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 (codec support: SBC) 

Water resistance: Yes (IP55 rated)

Size: 0.9 x 0.6 x 0.9 inches (per bud); 2.3 x 1.08 x 1.6 inches (charging case)

Weight: 1.8 ounces (earbuds + charging case)

Edifier is one of those brands that seems to put out new wireless earbuds every few months. It wasn’t too long ago that they launched the well-received TWS NB2 Pro, followed by the less stellar NeoBuds S. Now the Chinese audio manufacturer looks to get back on track with their latest release: the W240TN.

These bargain buds come with some premium features, including active noise cancellation (ANC), Bluetooth 5.3, customizable sound, and a low latency mode. Not to mention they’re comfy and constructed from highly durable materials. The controls could be better and there are a few ordinary functions and specs missing. Flaws aside, these are some of the best cheap wireless earbuds you can buy for under $100.

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Edifier W240TN packaging box placed on top of a closed laptop

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Edifier W240TN review: Price and availability

  • Attractive price for an ANC model
  • Only two colors available

The W240TN can be purchased for $79 (£79) on Amazon or Edifier’s website. Gunmetal black and white are the two colors sold. Inside the box are a charging case, USB-C cable, four sets of different-sized ear tips, and a manual. 

These buds join a crowded cheap noise-cancelling earbuds market. Two notable competitors are the $49 Donner DoBuds One and sibling $89 Edifier NeoBuds Pro, which features LDAC support. For category-leading performance, consider splurging on elite models such as the AirPods Pro 2 ($249) and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 ($249).

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Reviewer wearing Edifier W240TN

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Edifier W240TN review: Design and comfort

  • Premium craftsmanship at a low cost
  • Cool-looking charging case
  • Moderate comfort

The W240TN exhibit fantastic build quality. They're ruggedly handsome and small compared to other oval-shaped wireless earbuds, and feature an aluminum housing and integrated multifunctional button. Attached is a sturdy plastic cavity that carries most of the hardware and they're rated at IP55, which guarantees dust and waterproof protection.

The charging case is just as attractive. It is rectangular with rounded edges and has a pulsating LED that gives off 1980s TV show Knight Rider vibes. It feels nice in the hand and sturdy enough to survive tumbles to the concrete. Strong magnets keep the buds latched onto their charging slots and the lid shut tight.

Comfort is satisfying for music lovers that want to listen for long stretches. I would often wear the buds for three hours straight before experiencing any fatigue around the concha.

People with small, medium, or large-sized ears have several ear tips to choose from that form a tight seal around the canal. There is no ear tip fit test. However, adjusting the buds properly guarantees optimal fit.

Reviewer wearing Edifier W240TN and testing controls

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Edifier W240TN review: Controls and digital assistant

  • Limited touch control customization
  • No auto-pause/play
  • Digital assistant needs some refining

Edifier loaded the W240TN with plenty of controls, including playback, call management, volume, digital assistance, and listening mode activation. You get two settings — Call Mode Active and Inactive — to set up how you want to use the controls on or off phone calls.

There are a few issues with the control scheme. First, only the double, triple, and long-hold touch are customized. You can’t assign functions individually to each bud, so if you set the double-press for volume down, this will apply to both buds. It’s odd that Edifier doesn’t let you assign the single-press controls. In fact, the companion app makes zero mention of it; you’ll learn through trial and error that it’s for play/pause.

Something else missing is wear detection to automatically pause music when removing the buds or resume playback when placed back on your ears.

Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby are available for voice commands, but only the former works well. Everything I threw at Google’s AI bot was met with speedy and accurate results. Siri operated poorly on macOS, only registering the first word of my commands. Bixby was somewhere in the middle, understanding complex inquiries, yet struggling with simple ones like “open camera,” which it misinterpreted for “open calendar.”

Image showing equalizer on Edifier W240TN

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Edifier W240TN review: Sound quality

  • Detailed, well-balanced sound
  • Expansive EQ with great presets
  • Only supports SBC codec

The dual dynamic drivers (6mm + 10mm) produce a compelling sound with a terrific frequency range. Hearing the piano key gaffe and Sting’s laugh at the start of The Police’s “Roxanne” showed me the W240TN could pick up imperfections and present them much more clearly than some mid- and high-range models. The reproduction on this track was even more remarkable. Drums had significant punch to them, hi-hats felt like they were being tapped right next to my ear, and the iconic guitar riff sounded so delicate, you could hear fingertip friction.

Edifier added two well-engineered presets, which cater to specific music genres. Classic creates a more balanced listening experience that’s suitable for classical and “light music,” whereas Dynamic emphasizes the low end on contemporary songs. I preferred Dynamic because it gave treble and percussion more prominence on melodic tracks; the double bass and drums were more distinctive on Jazz classics like Cannonball Adderley’s “One For Daddy-O.”

There’s also a customizable EQ, but it’s a bit more complex than some other EQs as it uses unusual terms to describe level and frequency adjustment parameters that may make casual listeners feel overwhelmed.

For the W240TN to come with only SBC codec support seems silly, especially when numerous other wireless earbuds come programmed with AAC and aptX. Nonetheless, the streaming quality on iOS and Android devices was solid.

Volume does receive a noticeable boost when listening in ANC mode.

Reviewer outside wearing Edifier W240TN earbuds and testing ANC performance

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Edifier W240TN review: Active noise cancellation

  • Highly effective ANC
  • So-so wind resistance
  • Multi-level ambient listening

I used the W240TN mostly at home. The buzzing noises from my AC condenser and washing machine were silenced, along with most of the family chatter that transpired in different rooms. Even my toddler’s electronic toys weren’t distracting. Not everything was silenced. High-frequency sounds like baby cries and iPhone ringers at max volume were enough to break my concentration during office hours.

Edifier employs hybrid ANC to eliminate vast amounts of ambient noise. How well does the technology perform? Much better than the price suggests.

Walks were mostly peaceful. Landscaping tools and the construction work that took place on the Intracoastal Waterway were unnoticeable. I couldn’t say the same for ambulance sirens and police whistles, but neither of those noises was piercingly loud. Wind resistance wasn’t half bad either. Whisking effects produced in gusty conditions didn’t harm my hearing, and those that came from speeding cars barely made it onto the soundscape. 

These buds have one of the more intricate Ambient Sound modes I’ve tested in the category. When enabling it, you’ll see a slider on the right side to adjust the levels from 0 to either +3 or -3. According to Edifier, this will either increase or decrease the ambient sound volume. The higher you go, the more enhanced the effect becomes, which is beneficial in loud traffic areas. Truthfully, the results were similar when set on the highest and lowest settings. The good news is that the feature works well and lets you hear your surroundings and vocals clearly.

app screen showing widget control for Edifier W240TN

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Edifier W240TN review: Special features and app

  • Widget function provides instant access to settings
  • No Find My Buds mode

The Edifier Connect app is where all the W240TN’s biggest features can be found. I already touched on the major ones: ANC/Ambient Sound, control customization, Equalizer, and Game Mode. As for what’s left, basic stuff like an auto-off timer, battery level indicators for each bud, firmware updates, and a user manual.

There is one feature hiding in the backend: a widget. You can add this to your homescreen and enable the different listening modes or EQ settings, as well as check on battery levels. It’s a shortcut that saves you a few steps from entering the app.

There is no Find My Buds function for these buds.

Edifier W240TN in charging case placed on a table top

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Edifier W240TN review: Battery life and charging case

  • Respectable playback time from a single charge 
  • No wireless charging, but powerful quick charging

A full battery earns you between 7 to 8.5 hours, depending on how you use the buds. Turning on ANC leaves you on the lower end, but the buds come with great battery management, squeezing every bit of juice out of each charge. Bear in mind that high volume and special features can drain the battery more quickly, so don’t become overzealous and turn on every setting unless you plan on tossing the buds in the charging case sooner than later.

Speaking of which, Edifier’s case holds between 21 to 25.5 hours. That’s slightly more than the AirPods Pro case (24 hours), though other cheap noise-cancelling earbuds like the DoBuds One come with a case that holds more portable power (26 to 32 hours). At least a 10-minute quick charge will net you 2 hours of listening time.

Reviewer testing call quality and connectivity on Edifier W240TN

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Edifier W240TN review: Call quality and connectivity

  • Mediocre for voice and video calls
  • Superb wireless performance
  • No Bluetooth multipoint

I wasn’t sold on call quality, nor were my wife and friends. Edifier’s AI call noise cancellation technology performed 50/50. While it blocked out noise very well, it couldn’t pick up or reproduce my voice clearly during calls. My wife also mentioned lots of muffle, both indoors and outdoors, which forced me to repeat sentences at times.

The company’s track record with connectivity has been substandard, but the W240TN is a huge step in the right direction. Bluetooth 5.3 operated well, extending range up to 100 feet before stuttering and instantly pairing the buds to recognized devices when taken out of the charging case.

One-tap Google Fast Pair and multipoint technology (pair to two devices simultaneously) didn’t make the cut.

Edifier W240TN review: Verdict

The Edifier W240TN are a fine-looking and sounding pair of wireless earbuds designed to compete with some of the category’s top performers. Detailed sonics combined with strong noise cancellation, connectivity, and craftsmanship make them well worth their asking price. Certain areas could be improved such as call quality, digital assistance, and wind resistance. Then again, compromises are expected for wireless earbuds this affordable, and the overall performance makes up for any shortcomings. 

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