AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is an extremely comfortable gaming chair that just works

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 in office
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Tom's Guide Verdict

Despite its noisy armrest adjustments and materials that feel a little cheap, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is extraordinarily comfortable for a gaming chair. It provides ample support and just the right amount of seat padding to make it an absolute joy to use for extended work or play sessions.


  • +

    Remarkably comfortable

  • +

    Great lumbar support

  • +

    Easy assembly


  • -

    Noisy armrest adjustment

  • -

    Linen fabric looks and feels kind of cheap

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Given how gaming chairs tend to value looks and functionality over ergonomics and comfort, it's rather surprising when one comes along that ends up doing all of the above — and the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is one such chair. Though it doesn't bring anything exciting or new to the table for its $499 price tag, it manages to do a stellar job of nailing the fundamentals, making it feel more worth the asking price than some of its less comfortable competitors. 

Our AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review will help you decide if its above-average comfort and easy assembly make it one of the best gaming chairs and can help you live with its minor shortcomings. 

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review: Price and availability

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is available for purchase directly from the AndaSeat website. It comes in Large and X-Large variants for $499 and $549, respectively — though it's worth noting that both appear to regularly be on sale for $50 less. Its PVC leather version comes in seven colors: black, orange, brown, maroon, white, pink, and blue. Meanwhile, the version sent to Tom's Guide for review is the linen fabric edition, which can be purchased in either black or gray. 

Though the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is an excellent choice overall, it's worth noting that its price point is in the same ballpark as the SecretLab Titan Evo 2022, which is widely considered to be among the best gaming chairs on the market. The AndaSeat Kaiser 3, however, is notably more comfortable for extended periods of sitting, despite being perhaps a bit less visually attractive.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review: Design and comfort

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 isn't a head-turner, opting for a pretty typical gaming chair styling that makes it equally suitable for both office and gaming setups. I received the linen fabric version, and though I wouldn't call it low-quality, it nevertheless looks cheaper than the nicer fabrics used in various high-end competitors' chairs and feels just a bit rough to the touch. Even so, as always, fabric offers a considerably more breathable seating experience than leather, and I've had no issues whatsoever with temperature.

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"AndaSeat" is prominently displayed on the headrest, while the company's diamond-shaped logo sits squarely in the middle of the backrest. Meanwhile, "Kaiser" is featured in bold letters across the back and once again in a smaller form via a stitched-in tag on the left side of the front of the backrest. All of this branding, as with basically all gaming chairs, is a bit off-putting. But it's an industry-standard practice, so unless you're particularly averse to the AndaSeat logo, this isn't really more offensive than any other chair.

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I usually have a lower standard for what I consider "comfortable" in a gaming chair compared to ergonomic office chairs, but in the case of the AndaSeat Kaiser 3, I've found every moment in the seat to be simply delightful. The cushion's foam is firm and supportive while remaining just soft enough to never cause any discomfort, the spacious seat pan provides me with plenty of room to spread out and relax when leaning back, and I've had no pain at all when resting my elbows on the foam armrests for extended periods. The included headrest pillow isn't the best I've ever used, but it's soft and adjustable, and it's been plenty comfortable when needing to lay my head back for a few minutes.

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I've had mostly mediocre experiences with lumbar support in gaming chairs, but the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 has even surprised me in that department, offering a 4-way adjustment system that allows you to adjust both the thickness and position of the support. I found a setting that met my needs pretty quickly, and I haven't had to revisit the situation since — though doing so is a quick and easy affair that requires little effort. 4-way lumbar support isn't an uncommon feature in gaming chairs, of course, but like many things with the AndaSeat Kaiser 3, it just works — and works well.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review: What’s adjustable

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 isn't trying to wow you with its features. Instead, the focus seems to be all about making the standard stuff work exceedingly well, and that choice has led to a basic but satisfying chair to use. Everything a gaming chair normally brings to the table is here — the ability to recline to a near-horizontal state, adjust the height, and change the tilt tension is all easily accessible and works great. Admittedly, the lack of a lumbar pillow is a bit unusual, but the lumbar support knobs ensure you get top-notch support without one, while the magnetic foam headrest can be moved around the top of the chair to suit your height. 

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I've had mostly mediocre experiences with lumbar support in gaming chairs, but the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 has even surprised me in that department, offering a 4-way adjustment system that allows you to adjust both the thickness and position of the support.

Like many modern gaming chairs, you have the option to adjust the 4D armrests up or down, left or right, and forward or backward. It all works flawlessly, but the metal lever beneath each armrest that must be pressed in to adjust them up and down makes a terrible clinking noise, loud enough that it could probably wake someone in another room. For most folks, this won't be an issue, as the average person is likely to find an armrest height they like and keep them there most of the time — but if you're the type to make such adjustments regularly, this is worth keeping in mind. 

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review: Assembly

I've assembled somewhere in the vicinity of ten or so gaming chairs, and the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is far and away the easiest one I've worked with. The actual unboxing experience wasn't particularly interesting in any way, but my chair came well-protected and was simple to remove and get started assembling. AndaSeat includes a thick, detailed manual in the box with clear and concise instructions that takes any guesswork out of the equation, too.

It's kind of nice to know that it's possible to get through a gaming chair assembly without swearing at least once.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 features a bracket on the right side of the back of the chair that slides effortlessly onto the seat pan, which makes one of the most commonly difficult parts of assembly an absolute breeze instead. Meanwhile, the magnetic side covers and foam armrest tops snap on with no hassle whatsoever, while everything else can be handled with the included allen wrench and handful of screws.

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It took me around 20 minutes to assemble the AndaSeat Kaiser 3, and I expect that most people can have it together in less than 30. Unlike my time putting together other gaming chairs, I never dealt with any frustration or obstacles and actually rather enjoyed the process. It's kind of nice to know that it's possible to get through a gaming chair assembly without swearing at least once.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review: Bottom line

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is unlike most gaming chairs in that it is both functional and comfortable in equal measure. It's also unassuming but aesthetically appealing enough to fit into an office or gaming setup without feeling out of place in either, even if its linen fabric looks and feels kind of cheap compared to similarly-priced chairs. If you can deal with that, and perhaps the obnoxious clinking sound the armrests make when adjusting them up and down, the roomy and cozy AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is a real winner overall.

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