Your Amazon Prime benefits will soon be available at other retailers

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One of Amazon's best Prime member benefits will soon be available on websites outside of Amazon. The e-commerce giant recently announced Buy with Prime, a new service that extends Amazon Prime's fast, free shipping to third-party merchants. 

The new Buy with Prime service will initially be available to merchants who already use Amazon's fulfillment program, according to Amazon's press release. Participating merchants will pay fees to Amazon for using the Buy with Prime button on their website. Later this year, Amazon plans to roll out Buy with Prime to merchants not selling on Amazon. 

Amazon Prime: for $139/year

Amazon Prime: for $139/year
Amazon Prime gives shoppers access to free shipping on over 100 million products. It also includes access to services like Prime Video and Prime Music. You can pay an annual $139 free or choose a monthly plan at $14.99.

How will Buy with Prime work?

Amazon Prime benefits

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Buy with Prime is like an extension of Amazon Pay, a service that lets shoppers use their Amazon account to make purchases on third-party websites. Prime members who see the Buy with Prime button at other retailer websites will be able to make their purchases using the same payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account. In addition, they'll receive the same fast delivery they'd expect when shopping at Amazon. 

Amazon describes the new service as a win for retailers — who can now let Amazon handle the logistics of shipping packages — and a win for consumers — who will be able to enjoy speedy shipping at storefronts outside of Amazon. However, it's also a major win for Amazon who will charge undisclosed fees for using the new service and who will further grow its logistics arm to compete with the likes of UPS and FedEx. 

Although Buy with Prime adds more value to Amazon's membership service, Amazon Prime still remains one of the priciest subscription services around. Earlier this year, Amazon increased membership pricing from $119 to $139 per year. At the time, Amazon said the price increase was a result of the continued expansion of Prime member benefits. 

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