This Xbox Series X issue is driving some owners crazy

xbox series x
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The Xbox Series X launch is an exciting time for most people, but don’t tell that to the users reporting problems with the disc tray on their newly purchased consoles.

Specifically, online reports from some Xbox X early adopters claim the consoles have begun making some bizarre clicking and whirring sounds after discs are loaded into the tray. For some, the disc tray doesn't accept discs at all — obviously a big problem for users who specifically bought the Xbox Series X for a console with a disc tray.

Some players have indicated that disc tray issues have either resolved or disappeared completely when they orient their Xbox Series X systems differently, either by placing them vertically or horizontally compared to how they had been displayed before. Other players still have been hearing loud noises coming from the Xbox Series X while installing games, but those sounds don't appear to be as bad as the ones coming from the disc drive or those that arise from installing games.

Though there are several users taking to social media and Reddit with similar complaints as well as videos and audio, there doesn't seem to be any theme or common thread between those who find themselves experiencing problems. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a fix at this point, either. Your best bet appears to be contact Xbox support at this point if you’ve run into any problems.

As of this writing, Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the disc drive issue or the hard drive noises, though there is a list of known issues that you can check against. 

It appears the Xbox Series X has been plagued with quite a few issues since it made its debut earlier this week. Originally, when the Xbox Series X and Series X launched on Tuesday, users were met with an Xbox Live outage that left many unable to enjoy their new games.

This problem not only affected those who had just bought their systems, but some journalists who had had their Xbox Series X systems weeks ahead of its debut. This caused problems with the Series X's ability to verify that users owned certain games to let players get into them, as well as problems downloading games overall. 

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