Stimulus check 2 HEALS Act calculator launched — see how much you'll get

stimulus check 2 calculator — HEALS Act
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There's a stimulus check 2 calculator that is free to use and lets you find out how much money you could get if the HEALS Act — the Senate's $1 trillion economic aid bill — is passed.

While the Republicans and Democrats have not yet reached a deal on the entire stimulus package, another round of checks could be on the way to millions, and so this new stimulus check calculator call tell you how much you would qualify for under the current proposal.

The HEALS Act calculator lets you determine your stimulus check 2 eligibility. If you meet the stimulus check 2 criteria, the calculator will let you know how much money to expect if the HEALS Act is passed in its current form and the stimulus check 2 date is set.

HEALS Act calculator creators Bogna Haponiuk and Jasmine J. Mahased said they used the GOP’s latest proposal to help people understand stimulus-check math. 

All you'll need to know beforehand to use their stimulus check 2 calculator is your tax filing status (whether you’re single, married or a head of household), how many dependents you claim and the adjusted gross income (AGI) on your most recent tax form.

Another way you can learn how much you qualify for under the HEALS Act is to recall whether you received the CARES Act stimulus check and how much it gave you. While presenting the HEALS Act, GOP Senate leaders said the criteria for direct payments is the same the second time around. 

If you’re a single taxpayer earning less than $75,000 or married earning less than $150,000, you’ll receive the full $1,200. That amount decreases the more you make, with relief phasing out for single filers earning more than $99,000 and married filers earning more than $198,000.

Stimulus check 2 bill cheat sheet: What's included in the HEALS Act

Wondering what else is included in the new stimulus check 2 bill? Here's a few of the key economic initiatives covered by the HEALS Act:

  • $1,200 direct payments, same criteria as CARES Act
  • Continued federal unemployment benefits, but for less than $600
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) sequel for business loans
  • More funding to help schools
  • More funding for COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccine research

Check the status of your first stimulus check

If you haven’t yet received your first stimulus check, you can look up your payment status with the IRS’s Get My Payment app. You can also set up stimulus check notifications with the USPS’s Informed Delivery tool, which alerts you when your check or stimulus check debit card will be delivered to your mailbox.

For additional assistance with your payment status, call the IRS stimulus check phone number to speak to a representative. 

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