Stimulus check 2: White House rejects offer from Democrats

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Lawmakers and White House negotiators have reached a self-imposed deadline to finalize the a stimulus check 2 — but there's no deal in sight and it’s unclear whether there will be an agreement in the coming days. 

House and Senate negotiators have been working with administration officials for several weeks to come to a consensus on a second stimulus check and other coronavirus relief measures.

However, the White House has reportedly rejected a $2 trillion stimulus package offer by the Democrats as of Friday afternoon, according to Fox News. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called it a "non-starter."

While another round of direct payments seems almost guaranteed, negotiators are much further apart on issues such as continued federal unemployment benefits, which expired on July 31

In fact, CNN reports that there’s little hope for an agreement any time soon, with some aides suggesting that talks could drag on well into September.

“We might not get a deal,” said Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Richard Shelby (R-Alabama).

The Senate is supposed to start its vacation on Monday, Aug. 10. While lawmakers won’t technically be in recess, most have already left Washington for their home districts and will return only if needed for a vote. 

What are the sticking points?

Senate Republicans, House Democrats and White House officials are at odds over the total cost of the relief package as well as specific measures like an ongoing federal supplement to state unemployment benefits. 

House Democrats have pushed to continue the additional $600-per-week unemployment supplement through the end of the year. Several Senate Republican proposals would reduce the weekly amount immediately and transition to lower-paying benefits in the coming months. 

CNBC reports that the White House has expressed willingness to continue paying $400 per week in unemployment benefits into December. Meanwhile, millions of unemployed Americans who have relied on the extra $2,400 a month to cover rent and other essentials are now without relief. 

Additional disagreements over federal funding to states for school reopenings and coronavirus testing, as well as a $1 trillion (or more) gap in the total cost, may continue to hold up the bill. 

What about stimulus check 2? 

There are a few different proposals on the table for stimulus check 2, but it’s likely that at the very least, Americans who received a one-time $1,200 check under the CARES Act will receive the same amount with a second payment. 

Benefits may increase for families with dependents: The Senate’s HEALS Act would add  $500 per dependent of any age, including college students and adults with disabilities. This stimulus check 2 calculator shows you how much you'd get under the HEALS Act. 

The House’s HEROES Act also would expand dependent payments, sending $1,200 per individual, taxpayers and dependents alike, with a cap of $6,000 per family. Enter your tax info into this separate stimulus check calculator to determine the benefits you’d get with the HEROES Act. 

If you’re still waiting on your first stimulus payment, check the status using the IRS's Get My Payment app or call the IRS stimulus check phone number

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