Segway's new scooters are alarmingly fast

Segway scooter lineup 2022
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Segway-Ninebot just unveiled its complete lineup of 2022 stand-up electric scooters, several of which promise serious speed. The company also shared its first-ever take on an electric skateboard, aptly named The Shredder.

When it comes to the best electric scooters, Segway has figured out how to go the distance. Whether it's for a city commute or sense of adventure, we've seen some of Segway's electric scooters offer twice the range per full charge than most other options on the market. Now the company is looking to make its products faster.

Split into the GT-series and P-series, Segway's next-gen standing scooters want to help you get where you're going faster, smarter and safer. I had the chance to preview all the new models to see all the upgrades in person — and have a little fun, of course.

Here's what's coming to Segway's stand-up electric scooter lineup this year:

Segway GT Series (GT1 and GT2)

The Segway GT1 and GT2 make up the company's premium standing scooter tier. Achieving top speeds of 37.3 mph and 43.5 mph respectively, the GT scooters are the fastest ever from Segway by a significant margin. The fastest electric scooter we've ever tested maxed out at 30 mph, which is plenty fast to keep up with local traffic. Is exceeding 40 mph excessive? Or dangerous? We'll have to see. Both models have a range of over 30 mph as well.

Segway GT series scooter foot board

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Not only that, the GT series promises zippy acceleration. According to Segway, the GT1 reaches 30 mph from zero in 7.5 seconds, while the GT2 does the same in under 4 seconds. And without sacrificing a smooth ride — the GT scooters feature front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, a wide footboard, adjustable suspension.

Segway GT2 Series OLED display

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As a neat design touch, the GT2 also has a transparent PM OLED display reading your speed while letting you see the terrain in front of you. It looks rather high-tech, though I'm curious how it holds up against glare.

When they arrive later this year, the GT1 will cost $2,999 and the GT2 will cost $3,999.

Segway P Series (P65 and P100S)

The Segway P65 and P100S comprise the company's mainstream commuter scooter models for the 2022. They're not as speedy as the GT models, but still faster than many electric scooters out there. The P65's 500W motor helps it reach up to 21.7 mph, while the P100S's 650W motor is capable of reaching 26.7 mph. 

Segway P Series

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What's more, the P Series emphasizes safety with front disc brake and rear electric brakes on the P65 and front and rear disc brakes in addition to its electric rear brake on the P100S. Both scooters are outfitted with a comprehensive lighting systems and tires designed to handle wet weather.

NFC reader on Segway scooter

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The P Series also tout the latest in Segway's "smart features" with an embedded NFC system, making it easy to unlock your scooter with your smartphone. The scooters have USB-C ports for charging your device on the go.

The P65 will cost $1,499 and the P100S will cost $1,999.

The Shredder

Segway Shredder mecha kit

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No, it's not a super villain, The Shredder is Segway's newest mecha kit that will transform the Ninebot S, Ninebot S Pro, or Ninebot S MAX into an electric skateboard with two configurations. It rides as a four-wheeled stand up scooter, but you can ditch the handle and travel remote-only. I only trusted myself with a grip on the handle, but I can imagine the thrill of the skateboard mode at a max 23 mph.

The Shredded kit costs $999 and will arrive later this year.

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