Razor announces three new electric scooters under $500

(Image credit: Razor)

Razor, the brand synonymous with scooters, today announced three new electric scooters under $500 aimed at new riders as well as those on a budget. While they won't blow the doors off the top-performing models on our best electric scooters list, they look to be sensible, affordable, and approachable options for those who want something to scoot from one place to another.

Razor EcoSmart SUP

The EcoSmart SUP is essentially a stand-up version of the EcoSmart Metro, so it lacks the seat and basket of its sit-down cousin. The EcoSmart SUP's most distinguishing feature are its 16-inch pneumatic tires, which should make for a very comfortable ride despite the lack of suspension. It also has a wide bamboo deck, which should also help with stability. 

The EcoSmart SUP has a 350 Watt motor (smaller than the 500-Watt motor on the EcoSmart Metro), with a max rated speed of 15.5 miles per hour, and a 12-mile range. Unlike the chain-driven EcoSmart Metro, the SUP's motor appears to be mounted directly on the rear hub. The EcoSmart SUP will be available this month for $449.

Razor C25

Razor C25

Razor C25 (Image credit: Razor)

Razor says that "C25" is the working name for this electric scooter, which will come in two versions and will be first available in October for $399. The C25 will have a 12-inch solid front wheel, a digital display, and front and rear headlights. It's powered by a 250-Watt rear hub motor and 36V lithium Ion battery capable of propelling the C25 at speeds of up to 15.5 mph, with a range of around 11 miles. Two versions will be available, one with a lithium-ion battery, and one with a lead-acid battery.

I can see this model competing most directly with other midrange scooters such as the Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite and the GoTrax XR Ultra, both of which offer similar performance for the price.

Razor E300 HD

Razor E300 HD

Razor E300 HD (Image credit: Razor)

Razor's E-line of scooters has proven popular with kids, as they're inexpensive and don't go overly fast. The E300, which sits at the top of this line, is the highest-performance model, with speeds of up to 15.5 mph. The E300 HD makes a tweak the the design by switching to a rear hub motor, rather than the chain-driven motors on the rest of the E-line. While it provides the same amount of power (250 Watts), the hub-mounted motor on the E300 HD should provide for a quieter ride.  

The E300 HD will have a large-ish 9-inch pneumatic front wheel and a solid 8-inch rear wheel. Razor hasn't announced its range, but we estimate it will be similar to the 40-minute time offered by the current E300. The E300 HD will be available this fall for $289.

All three Razor models look to be good, affordable complements to the company's current lineup of electric scooters. The EcoSmart SUP looks to be the standout model in the group; we're curious to see how well its tires—which are much larger than most other electric scooters—handle potholes and other bumps in the road.

Mike Prospero
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