PS5 could have an exclusive Final Fantasy game in the works

final fantasy vii remake
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Final Fantasy fans are in for a treat, as new rumors suggest a brand new title is in the works — but it looks set to be a timed PS5 exclusive. 

Wccftech reports that French tipster Souls Hunt has leaked details on the upcoming game, which is reportedly being developed by Team Ninja, and is scheduled to be revealed at E3 2021 next month. According to the leaker's tweet and YouTube video on the subject, the title is set to launch in addition to Final Fantasy 16 which is also pegged to be a PS5 exclusive

Souls Hunts' information is seemingly backed up by fellow leaker Navtra over on ResetEra. Both say that the Final Fantasy title will take inspiration from the Dark Souls series, which is a departure from FF's usual fare. However, this isn't Team Ninja's first rodeo with the Soulslike genre, already having Nioh and the subsequent sequel under its belt.

Don't expect a Souls clone though; Souls Hunt likens the new FF game to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Navtra offered up more info, saying: "It's tricky. It's certainly Souls-inspired, but it's not exactly what you'd imagine when you hear 'Souls-like FF'." That's probably going to be good news for Final Fantasy fans, who aren't exactly champing at the bit for the brutal and unforgiving action that From Software games are known for. 

According to Souls Hunt, the release will be preceded by a playable demo, or beta of some kind, in the same vein as Nioh. Both Nioh and Nioh 2 got an alpha and beta demo for some last minute fine tuning before launch. Team Ninja is expected to go down the same route with this mystery Final Fantasy title.  

It's a toss up as to whether the biggest surprise is the genre pivot, or the fact that we're reportedly going to see another new Final Fantasy game with PlayStation exclusivity — albeit timed, in this instance. 

The FF series used to be PlayStation exclusive back in the day but has since branched out to other platforms. So it looks like Sony is shoring up deals for Final Fantasy 16 and this unnamed series addition to debut on its console before making their way to other platforms, like PC and Xbox Series X.    

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