OnePlus Nord 2 confirmed with new MediaTek chip made for photo processing

OnePlus Nord 2
(Image credit: OnLeaks/Voice)

OnePlus has surprisingly revealed the Nord 2 5G — and it uses an innovative new chipset that could give it some seriously impressive photographic skills.   

As reported by Techradar, the Nord 2 5G will be the first OnePlus phone to feature the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI, a unique chipset which features special AI enhancements to improve image-based experiences. The phone was announced without warning, and although OnePlus is yet to give a solid release date, it has shared a few specs that point to it being an interesting mid-range option.

The new chipset is the main thing we know about the phone so far. It’ll use AI to give the Nord 2 5G better photo, video and potential streaming capabilities, including automatic color and contrast adjustments in photos and HDR boosts. The AI Resolution Boost feature, meanwhile, will enhance video resolution in certain apps. 

OnePlus hasn’t revealed much more about the Nord 2 5G, but as with the likes of the Apple iPhone 13 there have been plenty of rumors about its possible specs. 

Renders based on various possible details have the Nord 2’s design looking more or less identical to the original OnePlus Nord. It's said to have a 6.4-inch FHD AMOLED screen, under-display finger scanner, and rectangular camera bump on the back, all of which were present on the original phone. That said, the Nord 2 5G will apparently have fewer cameras; it’s possible that the new AI features will take the place of the depth and macro sensors. 

OnePlus didn’t share battery specs in its press release. One could assume that it will have the same 4,115 mAh battery, or something slightly better, considering the Nord 2 is seemingly the same size as the Nord. The speedy charging speeds will most likely return, too. 

The Nord 2’s connectivity (5G) and new AI enhancements brought on by the MediaTek chipset are what’ll really set it apart from last year’s model. Especially if these improvements don’t translate into a significant price increase at launch.

OnePlus typically offers budget-friendly phones without sacrificing utility. The Nord 2 5G will follow suit, with solid features and a potentially low price point. OnePlus will continue to dole out information on this phone as we get closer to launch. Here’s hoping that the Nord 2 5G will present a decent improvement over 2020’s Nord when it releases later this year.  

Kenneth Seward Jr.

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