iPhone bug mystery: why is this user’s iPhone alarm going off every day at the same time?

Multiple timers in iOS 17
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Sometimes, there are iPhone bugs that affect a wide audience. And other times, an iPhone bug emerges that apparently wreaks havoc on one unfortunate person’s life. A  new glitch that surfaced in a recent TikTok video seems to be the latter.

Angele Sofia said in a recently published TikTok video that her iPhone alarm mysteriously goes off at exactly 9:25 a.m. local time each day. The UK-based TikTokker said that the problem began “out of the blue” four or five years ago and without fail, her iPhone alarm has been going off at the same time ever since.


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“And I do not have an alarm set at 9:25, nor have I ever had an alarm set at 9:25 a.m.,” Sofia said in a TikTok video closing in on 800,000 views.

Sofia was quick to note that even when she taps on the notification as the alarm goes off, it doesn’t show any alarm for that time. Even stranger, the alarm only rings once and stops instead of continuing until the user turns it off or snoozes it like in a typical iPhone alarm.

But it gets even weirder. Sofia reported that she tried buying a new iPhone and the same problem happened on that device. And even after deleting the Calendar, Clock, and other apps that may set off an iPhone alarm, the problem continues to persist.

Sofia ultimately took her story to TikTok after giving up on Apple. She said she brought the handset to the Apple Store for a fix, but “no single Apple employee can seem to figure it out.”

Trying to help out, a host of TikTok users offered solutions, including adding a 9:25 a.m. alarm and deleting it and deleting a sleep schedule in the Health app. Others wondered if she mistakenly set a calendar event with an alarm and had it repeat each day. Sofia promised to try all the solutions and report back. In a second video with nearly 1 million views, she said none of the suggestions worked.


♬ original sound - AngeleSofia

Considering the problem spans multiple phones, there appears to be something (perhaps in Sophia’s iCloud) that is causing the problem across devices. Exactly what the problem is, however, is unknown. And if Apple can’t help, there’s no telling what would ultimately resolve such an annoying glitch.

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