iPhone 13 will reportedly boast up to 1TB of storage

iPhone 13/iPhone 12S concept
(Image credit: Jermaine Smit/LetsGoDigital)

The iPhone 13 may contain 1TB of storage, the most that Apple's ever put in an iPhone.

According to an analyst report from Wedbush (seen by 9to5Mac), the next iPhone could have double the 512GB found in the current largest capacity iPhone 12 Pro. That would give the next iPhone more space than the average laptop or tablet.

The 1TB capacity is apparently backed up by the supply chain, but the report doesn't specify which models this option will be available for.

If this prediction does bear fruit then it's great news for keen photographers or videographers, or for users who have a lot of different apps downloaded, who often find themselves filling up their phones and relying on cloud storage.

1TB phones have existed before, but they're not common. For example, Samsung offered a 1TB Galaxy S10 5G back in 2019, but no Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S21 models offer more than 512GB. So if Apple does give a 1TB option, it may help it win sales from normally dedicated Android users who like the security of capacious onboard storage.

It's not the first time we've heard this 1TB claim. Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech said there would be 1TB iPhone 13 models back in October. He then claimed in January that, based on Apple's prototypes, it may only the iPhone 13 Pro models would be offered with the new storage option. 

Not only would the basic iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini not get the choice of 1TB, but Apple also may not increase the minimum storage above 64GB, Prosser also claimed. This is seemingly a wily method for Apple to encourage users to buy more iCloud storage space, he said. 

There are plenty more rumors about the iPhone 13 besides the storage specs. The highlights so far look to be the new 120Hz variable display refresh rate, and portless models that can only be charged wirelessly. There may also be a new under-display Touch ID, plus improved Face ID in a new smaller notch.

All these specs could combine to make this new iPhone one of the next best phones around. Its release, expected in September, should be another exciting one for smartphone users.

Richard Priday
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